Rosana Cortes Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI

As soon as Rosana read about K9 Nose Work®, she knew that was the sport she wanted to teach. When the first K9 Nose Work®workshop was held in the east coast by the founders of the sport, Rosana was in attendance. She went on to study the sport and enroll in their instructor certification program. Only five dog trainers from New York State were among the first to earn their Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) certifications in June of 2011, and Rosana was among that group. She is currently the only CNWI in East Tennessee.


Rosana has been working with dogs since 2000, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a long time member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Rosana was the National Score Room Director and a Trial Coordinator for NACSW through 2016, and Certifying Official and Judge for NACSW sanctioned ORTs.

Rosana with Moo and Baron

Moo, NW3, SDA

Moo is an All-American mixed breed who, as a newborn puppy, along with her mom and littermates, were left abandoned in a locked shed. Luckily neighbors heard their cries. Another Chance Ranch in Conesus, NY took all the dogs in and took great care of them until they were ready to be adopted out. But who ended up being the luckiest was us, since we adopted this wonderful dog who has brought so much to our lives.


Moo was among the first small group of NY dogs who passed their ORT for Birch in September of 2010. She also participated in the first ORT held in New York State and was among the first few dogs to pass her test for Anise.

We competed in NY’s first NW1 Trial, held at Cornwall, NY. She didn’t get her title (handler errors!) but she was awarded the Harry Award, which was worth more to us than the title! Moo passed her ORT for Clove in September of 2011 and became the first New York State dog to pass the ORTs for all three odors.


She entered her second NW1 Trial in Dighton, MA on October 22, 2011. Not only did she earn her NW1 title, but she came in First Place overall. Her combined time of all 4 search elements was 1:44! We are very proud of her!


Moo had made 3 attempts for her NW2 title. The first one was lost due to me. But the next two were due to injuries she had on her leg- she was just not herself. At her 3rd trial, the hide was high up behind a bleacher and she was trying to jump up to source it and I stopped the search so she wouldn't hurt her leg. But since then we found out she was getting microtears to her ACL. She had surgery, healed very well, and after an almost 3 year hiatus from trialing at a NW level trial, we made out 4th attempt at her NW2 title on Oct 23, 2015. What a comeback she made! She came in 2nd place in Exteriors, 4th place Overall, and had 3 out of 4 elements Pronounced. She was awesome!

Moo went on to compete in her first NW3 trial on April 1, 2017. It was a very difficult competition, with only 2 out of 30 dogs titling. We weren't one of them. But we tried again on November 12, 2017. This time, Moo did great! She worked hard, getting her well earned NW3 title and with a Pronounced designation at that!


     First NY State dog to pass ORTs for all 3 odors

     First NY State dog to win Harry Award, June 2011

     NW1: Oct 22, 2011, Overall: 1st Place, Cont: 1st, Ext: 1st, Veh: 3rd 

     NW2: Oct 2015, Overall: 4th Place, Ext: 2nd     

     NW3: PRONOUNCED, Nov 12, 2017, Overall: 9th Place, Ext: 3rd

     L1V, L1I, L1E: all on Feb 2016


    SDA, Oct 13, 2018, Scent Dog Advanced

      PSD-AB: July 14, 2018: Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: Q, Leg 3: 3rd

      PSD-AC: July 14, 2018: Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: 2nd

      PSD-AE: Oct 13, 2018: Leg 1: Q, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: Q

      PSD-AD: Oct 13, 2018: Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: 2nd​

      PSD-AS: Oct 13, 2018: Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: Q, Leg 3: Q

Class Legs Earned towards Scent Dog Excellent Overall title:

        Excellent Buildings, Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: 1st

        Excellent Containers, Leg 1: Q, Leg 2: 1st

        Excellent Distance, Leg 1: QLeg 21st

        Excellent Speed, Leg 1: QLeg 21st

   Iron Nose Awards: May 5, 2018  & Oct 13, 2018

Moo proudly sitting by her NW1 ribbbons above.


Moo's Harry Award is on the right.

Moo  is checking out her ribbons from her

NW2 trial (above) 

and showing off her NW3 ribbons (right)


Baron came into our lives when he was 10 weeks old. He was transported to the Northeast from Arkansas. Like Moo, he is an All-American mixed breed. He started doing Nose Work at 11 weeks old and he is a natural! Baron passed his ORT for Birch on October 2, 2011. We can’t wait to see how his Nose Work career unfolds. In the meantime, he worked very hard to pass his Canine Good Citizen test and he earned his CGC certification on December 22, 2011.


Baron showing off his NW1 ribbons (above), his NW2 ribbons on the right and his NW3 ribbons below.

Baron entered  his first Nose Work 1 competition on January 1st of 2012. He missed the container search element by calling the wrong box, but we were determined to try again! He entered his second competition on July 6, 2012 in Annandale NJ. This time, we were ready! Baron went in sure of himself and full of pep and vinegar, and of course some sugar as he charmed all the volunteers along the routes to the searches. And he did it!! He got his title and, keeping up with his big sister, Moo, also came in First Place Overall with a total combined time of 1:45! I couldn’t be prouder!


Baron entered his first NW2 trial on May 11, 2013. It was a great trial- it was even temporarily stopped due to the lightning and downpouring rain. But through it all, Baron was relaxed and having a great time, even falling asleep on my lap. What a surprise when we were called to come up and get our ribbon for Second Place Overall! Now on to NW3….

Baron & I entered out first NW3 trial on Dec 16, 2013 held in Lebanon NJ. I entered the trial mainly as a practice for me to learn how a NW3 trial works, not worrying about time, but focusing on reading Baron. Not knowing how many hides are in each search area can be very nerve wracking! We didn't get our title, but that was not our intention anyway. The learning experience was invaluable.

We moved to TN and with some more practice, we entered our 2nd NW3 trial on April 23, 2016 in Somerville AL - almost 2.5 years after our last trial! We went with an attitude of having fun and enjoying the experience. As it turned out, Baron was awesome and he earned his title that day as well as coming in 2nd place overall! He just loves nose work!

We tried our hand at a 3rd NW3 trial in Jonesville NC on March 30, 2018, another 2 years in between trials. Baron did great once more coming in 2nd place overall and Pronounced! He also earned his element titles in Vehicles and Exteriors.


        NW1, July 6, 2012, Overall: 1st Place, Int:1st, Ext: 2nd

        NW2, May 11, 2013, Overall: 2nd Place, Int: 1st

        NW3, April 23, 2016, Overall: 2nd Place, Int: 3rd, Ext: 2nd

        NW3 Pronounced, March 30, 2018, Overall: 2nd Place, Int: 2nd,

                    Ext: 1st, Cntr: 1st

        NW3-V, March 30, 2018

        NW3-E, March 30, 2018

        NW3 ELITE, December 28, 2018, Overall: 4th Place


    SDN, Sept 23, 2017, Scent Dog Novice

        PSD-NB, Sept 23, 2017, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: 1st

        PSD-NE, Sept 23, 2017, Leg 1: 2nd, Leg 32nd

        PSD-NC, Sept 23, 2017, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 31st

        PSD-ND, Sept 23, 2017, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 31st

        PSD-NS, Sept 23, 2017, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 2: 1st, Leg 31st

    SDA, May 6, 2018, Scent Dog Advanced

        PSD-AB, May 6, 2018, Leg 1: 2nd, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: 1st

        PSD-AE, May 6, 2018, Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2: 1st

        PSD-AC, May 6, 2018, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 21st 

        PSD-AD, May 6, 2018, Leg 1: 2nd, Leg 22nd, Leg 33rd

        PSD-AS, May 6, 2018, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 2: 1st, Leg 3: 3rd 

Class Titles Earned towards Scent Dog Excellent Overall title:

        PSD-EB, Oct 20, 2019, Leg 1: 1st, Leg 2: 3rd, Leg 3: 2nd

        PSD-EC, Oct 20, 2019, Leg 1: 3rd, Leg 2Q, Leg 3: 1st

        PSD-ES, Oct 20, 2019, Leg 1: 1stLeg 21stLeg 3: 1st

     Iron Nose Award, May 6, 2018, October 20, 2019

Baron is pretty tired after 2 days of PSD trials, qualifying in 10 out of 10 searches and earning 4 class titles, 7 placements and his SDN title.

Here's Quincy with her much deserved Harry Award and her ribbons for her NW1 Title and 2nd Place in the Interior Search.

Quincy, NW1 SDN

Quincy, an Australian Cattle Dog, was adopted into our family in March of 2016. We think she was around 6-9 months old at the time. A very intelligent and energetic dog , she also has a great sense of humor and a unique character.  Shortly after adopting her, we realized she was deaf, but this has just made her sense of smell sharper and she is a lot of fun to watch as she intensely searches for her ball, her toys and the odors we've taught her to find in nose work. 

She passed all 3 NACSW ORTs and competed at her first PSD trial in December 2017. She qualified in all 6 classes entered, placing 3rd in one and 2nd in another, missing 1st place by 10/100th of a second. This little trooper is loving this sport and helping her overcome her shyness in new places.

We entered our first NACSW NW1 trial on October, 2018. We learned at our first search of the trial that Quincy does NOT like the photographer's zoom lens! She basically shut down and stopped searching. But as the day wore on, she got more comfortable and passed the remaining 3 searches. 

Our 2nd attempt at a NW1 trial was on Sept 28, 2019. We had been working on getting her more comfortable in new locations. We still have a long way to go, and she may never get over it completely, but she is certainly making strides. Her first search was a little rough, but she found the hide. But alas, at our second search, Quincy saw the dreaded zoom lens! The photographer was wonderful and quickly put it away, but it was too late. Yet with a little patience, she was able to work and get to the hide. As the day went on, Quincy became more comfortable coming in 4th place in the container search and 2nd place in the interior search. She earned her NW1 title and even got awarded the Harry Award! That was the most special honor of the day- just as special as her heart.


        NW1, September 28, 2019, Overall: 18th Place, Int:2nd + Harry Award


    SDN, October 19, 2019, Scent Dog Novice

        PSD-NB: October 19, 2019

        PSD-NC: March 19, 2018, Leg 2: 2nd

        PSD-ND: July 15, 2018, Leg 3: 1st

        PSD-NS: July 15, 2018, Leg 1: 2nd, Leg 2: 2nd, Leg 3: 2nd


Class Titles Earned towards Scent Dog Advanced Overall title:

        PSD-AC:  Leg 2: 1st, Leg 3: 1st

    Iron Nose Award, July 15, 2018


        Advanced Buildings, Leg 2: 2nd

        Advanced Speed, Leg 1: 1st


Brandy was a Rottie/Dobie mix who had been severely abused and was terribly malnourished when we adopted her. Sudden movements caused her to cringe and she was very afraid of men. In time she lost her fear of men and flourished into a dog who loved to cuddle with anyone who didn't mind an 80lb dog on their lap. She was introduced to Nose Work when she was around 12 years old. She preferred searching for food and she became our team mascot, supporting Moo and Baron during their training. Our dear Brandy passed away on September 9, 2011. She will always be in our hearts.

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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