Practical Hide Placement and Refining the Nose Work Team

Presented by

Jacy Kelley, CNWI of Canine Copilots LLC

Saturday & Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
 at Oak Ridge Kennel Club
1790 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge TN 37830
Registration Fee:
Working Spot, both days - $250 (limited to 12 working spots)
Working Spot, one day - $140
Auditing Spot, both days - $150
Auditing Spot, one day - $90
Saturday, Oct 7: Practical Hide Placement

Maximize your practice searches by learning hide placement strategies from a pro!

What environmental factors should influence your hide placement during training? How well does your dog do when there is minimal air movement? How do you avoid confusing the beginner dog, and challenge the advanced search dog? Careful hide placement can help your dog learn and improve quickly, preparing him for new scent problems in trials and other events.


Search video reviews, guided analysis, practical exercises and Jacy’s coaching will help you learn to place hides thoughtfully and create targeted search problems. Make the most of every minute with your dog - optimize your training time and elevate your dog’s training to the next level!

Sunday, Oct 8: Refining the Nose Work Team

Learn team-building skills and refine your nose work team from a professional dog handler!

We have all been working on teaching our dogs to be independent searchers. But how do you support your independent dog? What exactly do we mean by that? Learn how to let your dog lead, but know when to use leash pressure to guide your dog, when to step in and when to step back. What about the look-back? Learn how to tell when  your dog is asking for help or telling you they found the hide. We will learn about all of these things as well as reading your dog's body language, watching your dog's eyes, and working on handling and footwork.


Video review, guided analysis and practical exercises will help you 

About Jacy:


Jacy Kelley is noted as a gifted teacher, with a common sense approach and good-humored style. He creates an environment where teams at every level have fun and learn new skills. Jacy is the real-deal – his teaching is based on 20 years as a US Air Force working dog handler and trainer, and his skills at handling detection dogs in both military and civilian settings. 

Event Policies & Info:

  • We are limiting the number of working dog entries to 12 dogs.

  • Due to the limited working spots, I ask those of you with multiple working dogs to please only register one of your dogs. You can register one dog one day and a second dog the other day. You can also put your second dog on the waitlist.

  • Spaces will be awarded in the order of entries received on a first entered basis. If you are having trouble using the online form, email me and that will count as your entry. You will receive instructions on how to submit payment once you have been confirmed as registered for the workshop.

  • Indoor crating is available. Please bring your crate.

  • Working teams of all skill levels are welcome, provided the dog is working on odor only.

  • Searches and strategies will be tailored to the level of the working teams.

  • Arrive at the site between 8:30-8:45am so you can set up your crates and potty your dogs.

  • Please be sure to clean up after your dog. There are two fenced potty areas with poop bags and pooper scoopers.

Dog Policies:

  • Any spatially challenged dog or dog reactive dog must wear a red bandanna. No dogs that are reactive to people please.

  • Please keep dogs at a safe distance from one another at all times (minimum 6')

  • No meet-and-greets between dogs

  • We reserve the right to dismiss a dog/handler team without refund if we believe the dog’s behavior is inappropriate or dangerous to participants, volunteers or officials


Cancellation Policy & Refunds:

  • All Cancellations must be in writing (email) and are not valid without a written (emailed) confirmation of receipt from Sunshine K9s (SK9)

  • For cancellations on or before September 29, full refund minus $20 processing fee

  • No refunds for cancellations on or after September 30, unless another participant takes your place.

  • No refunds for no shows

  • If minimum attendance is not reached and the workshop must be cancelled, all registered participants will  receive a fill refund.

Register by filling out the form below.

We will not be taking payment until you are given a space in the workshop.

Spaces will be awarded in the order of entries received on a first entered basis.

If you are given a space in the workshop, you will receive information on how to submit payment.

You will then have 48 hours to complete your payment to confirm your space in the workshop.

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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