Leash Testimonials

Testimonials from handlers using our round biothane leashes and long lines.

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Lorie Jolly

Thank you so much for the super fast service for my two biothane rope tracking lines!  I like them so much better than the flat ones as these are much lighter and easier to hold yet they are strong enough for me to handle my fast Goldens in the field!  Love that you put markers where I wanted them and no loop at the end for them to get caught on anything!  They are perfect and easy to see with the neon colors!  I highly recommend them! 

Thanks again!  I will be ordering another soon I think!

Yara S.

I love mine, have been using it daily for over a year, still brand new. So much easier to handle and store than the flat one.

Karen O.

I've had my 10 ft one for at least 4 yrs and it performs just as it did on day one. I recenly purchased the 15 ft one. Both are great!

Susan M.

I got my leash and it is perfect! I love the round vs. Flat and the color is a perfect match for her harness I'll be doing another order for another regular leash in the next few weeks I hope

Pam K.

I absolutely love the round Biothane leashes. I originally had flat Biothane when I started Nosework but found that, with carpal tunnel in my hands, I really had no feel for the leash. I them switched to roping reins...nice feel, light but not quite long enough for my fast moving dogs. I then heard of round Biothane, found Rosana's site and ordered 2 12 foot leashes. I love them...I can feel them in my hands, grip them or feed them out as necessary and my dogs like the increased freedom that the extra length gives them. I have finally found leashes that I am totally happy with and absolutely recommend them!!!

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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