SUN LINES by Sunshine K9s

Round Biothane Leashes and Long Lines

Unique, ROUND biothane leashes and long lines are 1/4″ in diameter and are a
great alternative to leather and nylon leashes.
They have lots of benefits, such as:
  • very strong
  • lightweight
  • waterproof
  • stinkproof
  • stay flexible in cold weather
  • will not slip in your hands when wet
  • easy to clean
Available in:
  • TEN colors
  • Six snap choices in stock (custom snaps available)
  • any length you’d like
  • many different customization options!
    • With or without a handle​
    • O-rings
    • Stop at the End
    • Leash Couplers
    • Just a handle
    • Harness to Collar Strap
LONG LINES for Nose Work,
     Tracking & Schutzhund / IPO :

Round biothane makes great long lines for dog training and for canine sports requiring long lines. Distance markers can be placed at requested intervals so  you can easily keep track of the amount of line let out.

This 40' tracking line has black distance markers at 20' and 30' and no handle.

White distance markers also available

Great for: 
  • Nose work / scentwork sports
  • Tracking
  • Schutzhund / IPO
  • Dock diving
  • Training recalls
  • Hiking with your dog
  • Any dog activity!

It's so easy to 

CUSTOMIZE and ORDER your own

Sun Line!


From Left to Right:

Red, Neon Pink,

Blaze Orange,

Yellow, Neon Green,

Teal, Blue, Purple,

Brown & Black

Samples of th ten colors you can choose from for your biothane leash.

The image below has a quarter in the center to help show the scale of the snaps pictured.

Choose one of our six swivel snap options for your custom biothne leash.
To moe accurately depict the size of each of the three snap sizes avaialble, they are shown next to a ruler.
Metals, Sizes & Finishes:

Bolt snaps are generally made in 3 metal types: 

- Nickel plated Zinc: Good snap for leashes, most commonly used

- Brass / Nickel Plated Brass: Stronger than Zinc, excellent for leashes and long lines frequently used in wet conditions.

- Stainless Steel: Strongest of all snaps, marine-grade. (Large only)

Small Snaps: Choose from solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass.

      Great for small dogs such as: Shih Tzus, Yories, Coton de Tulears & Chihuahuas.

Medium Snaps: Choose from solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass.

      Great all round snap for any size dog, even strong pullers.

Large Snaps: Choose from solid Brass or Stainless Steel.

        Our SS snaps have the largest eye for the thickest D-rings and can handle the toughest pullers such as Rotties, GSD, Mastiffs and other strong breeds.


Image to the Right - From Left to Right:

Top Row: Large Snap in Brass, Medium Snap in Brass, Small Snap in Brass
Bottom Row: Large Snap in Stainless Steel, Medium Snap in Nickel-Plated Brass, Small Snap in Nickel-Plated Brass.


If you prefer a snap not offered here, email us -
we should be able to find what you are looking for.



This leash has a small stop at the end instead of a hand hold

Leashes come standard with a handle.


Add an o-ring if you'd like!


If you don’t want a hand hold but still want to feel the end of the leash, choose a small stop at the end. There will be enough of a space in the loop to add a carabiner or an o-ring.

The Drag Line option means the leash will have nothing at the end (See orange long line above)

Looking for something more customized? Email me!

  • Large Stainless Steel Snap, add $2

  • Drag Line (nothing at end of line), subtract $2

  • Stop at the end (instead of a handle), subtract $1

  • O-ring, add $1

  • Distance Markers, available in Black or White, add $1 each

  • 4′ = $16

  • 6′ = $18

  • 8′ = $20

  • 10′ = $22

  • 12′ = $24

  • 15′ = $27

  • 16' = $28

  • 20' = $32

  • 30' = $42

  • 33' = $45

  • 40' = $52


Most popular lengths are listed above. 


Any Length Available - email for price.

The length of the leash is measured from where it attaches to the snap to the end of the handle, stop or line if no handle (snap is not included in the measurement).

Pricing includes the snap size and finish (brass or nickel plate brass) of your choice and a handle.

** Large Stainless Steel Snaps are extra **

Does not include taxes or shipping.

Once we receive  your order, we will email you with a total for your order including taxes and shipping and how to submit payment.

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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