Unique, ROUND biothane leashes are
1/4″ in diameter, very strong and lightweight.
They are available in:
  • TEN colors
  • three snap sizes
  • two finishes
  • with or without a handhold loop
  • any length you’d like

From Left to Right:

Red, Neon Pink,

Blaze Orange, Yellow,

Neon Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black

HARDWARE CHOICES - Metals, Sizes & Finishes:

Bolt snaps are generally made in 3 metal types: 

- Nickel plated Zinc: Good snap for leashes, most commonly used

- Brass / Nickel Plated Brass: Stronger than Zinc, excellent for leashes

- Stainless Steel: Strongest of all snaps, not commonly used

Our Small and Medium Snaps are made of Brass or Nickel Plated Brass.

Our Large Snaps are Brass or Stainless Steel, to hold for even the toughest pullers.

Image to the Right - From Left to Right:

Top Row: Large Snap in Brass, Medium Snap in Brass, Small Snap in Brass
Bottom Row: Large Snap in Stainless Steel, Medium Snap in Nickel-Plated Brass, Small Snap in Nickel-Plated Brass.


The image has a quarter in the center to help show the scale of the snaps pictured.



You can choose to have a hand hold (loop at the end for your hand) or not.


If you don’t want a hand hold but still want to feel the end of the leash, I can put a small stop at the end.


Also available is an o-ring in the hand hold.


Pricing includes the snap size and color of your choice and a hand-hold.

Does not include taxes or shipping.

  • 4′ = $16

  • 6′ = $18

  • 8′ = $20

  • 10′ = $22

  • 12′ = $24

  • 15′ = $27


  • No hand hold, subtract $2

  • Stop at the end instead of a hand hold, subtract $1

  • O-ring, add $1


Are you a Nose Work Instructor? Try our special “Instructor Pack”- it comes with four leashes of different lengths so your students can try them and see what length works for them. 


The Instructor Pack contains*:

  • One 4′ leash with medium snap in Brass

  • One 8′ leash with medium snap in Nickel Plated Brass

  • One 10′ leash with medium snap in Brass

  • One 12′ leash with medium snap in Nickel Plated Brass


All leashes have a hand hold. Your choice of colors.


If purchased individually, they would total $80, but our Special Instructor Pack Price is only $70 – a savings of $10!

* = Leash lengths, snaps and finishes can be customized. Email for a custom Instructor Pack of leashes.

Having trouble with the order form?

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Please include: Your name, shipping address, email address, leash length & color, snap size & finish and any options.   

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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