Class Testimonials

Dan & Zak

I want to tell you guyz/guyzettes about Sunshine K9s and Rosana Dropkin. I've trained dogs..but never for nose work. Rosana is incredible! Knows dogs, behavior and is a loving, patient trainer. You want the BEST, this is your gal. I've seen her dogs work --- crazy good!

Fleet's Mom

I have been a student of Rosana's since 2015, ever since she started her first nose work class in the Knoxville area.     


Rosana came to East TN with extensive experience of the sport, which was new to this area at that time.  She is a very talented and empathetic instructor, who is able to pinpoint the needs and abilities of her individual students - both the dogs and their handlers - and has the patience and knowledge to mold them into a successful working team, regardless of whether they are just enjoying working with their dogs or aiming to compete in scent dog trials. Every team is given plenty of individual attention and is left encouraged by her guidance. Her upbeat approach makes the lessons both fun and a very positive experience.


My dogs and I have enjoyed every single lesson we have attended  over the past years, and we could not have found a more dedicated and warmhearted  instructor. 

Patches' & Claire's Mom

I love nosework! I love watching a dog solve the puzzle that leads to the hide placement.I have fantastic teacher. Rosana is very patient with me (I am not the best handler in the world) and she makes classes upbeat, supportive and FUN! She is extremely knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. Anybody who is lucky enough to take her classes will really enjoy them. So will the dog! The dog will enjoy it more!!

Lily's Mom

After her canine companion died, my dog Lily seemed to lose interest in life. She mostly just lay on my bed or in my lap, sleeping all day — for two years. I knew she needed a “quality of life” improvement, so I started looking for something fun for her — something positive that would get us out of the house, working as a team, and learning new things.  And I found it.  Lily LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her nose work class! Since starting the class, she has developed a new interest in life and confidence that carries over to everything she does.


I think Lily’s love for nose work and the growth of the classes is due to the excellent instruction. There is no “cookie-cutter” training for nose work — the training must be customized for each dog’s temperament and motivation. When a dog is working in class, the instructor acts like it is the most important dog in the world. You can tell that she loves to teach and loves the challenge of developing strategies to bring out the best in every dog. It is thrilling to watch each dog develop skills and confidence with only positive reinforcement.


Lily’s new zest for life is amazing. Before she started the class, I couldn’t take her many places with me because she was apprehensive about new environments and she hated riding in the car. Now, every time I open the car door, she jumps in before I can even turn around. And when she visits new places, she sticks her nose straight up toward the sky and deeply inhales, seeming to savor all the new scents she is processing.


It has been a joy to watch Lily awaken to the excitement life holds instead of just wasting away in a dark bedroom. I will always be grateful for the instructor and nose work class for showing Lily that life is a wonderful adventure and giving her the confidence to enjoy it. 

Rosana C. Dropkin, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Sunshine K9s LLC
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